Eathorpe floods

Eathorpe Flood Action Group (EFAG) Emergency Plan

Eathorpe is prone to flooding. Although this is usually localised to a few properties, flooding is unpredictable, and the impacts can be wide ranging. This guide provides an overview of activities which residents can do before, during and after a flood event.

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Preventative measures

EFAG provides resources for those seeking preventative equipment and/or flood advice.

EFAG plans and coordinates responses to flood events.

EFAG works with Warwick District Council / the Environment Agency / Severn Trent Water Authority to mitigate flood risk.

EFAG co-ordinates a group of volunteers to help sweep leaves off drains (especially through the Autumn and Winter months)

Require assistance?
EFAG will keep a record of those who may require assistance during a flood, and those most at risk. This information will only be used in a flood event, to ensure that volunteers reach those in need. This includes, but is not limited to, those with limited mobility or young children.

If flooding is possible

When the river level is forecast to be higher than 2.65 metres within the next 6 to 24 hours.

EFAG will monitor river levels

EFAG Alert to the flood group: via WhatsApp. Flooding is possible: i.e. expected RL over 2.65m in next 24h

Residents Sandbags and other equipment can be collected from bus shelter

Alert to Volunteers: via WhatsApp. Request to stand by to support those that require assistance in protecting their properties.

Residents: Move cars off Main street to higher ground where possible (the Plough carpark).

If flooding is probable

When the river level is forecast to be higher than 2.65 metres within the next 2 to 6 hours.

EFAG will send alerts and mobilise volunteers and contact vulnerable households.

Residents Move furniture upstairs, or raise up using bricks.

Volunteers requested to support those that require assistance.

Volunteers requested to sweep drains to maximise water flow out of village.

Residents Minimise traffic through village.

Residents Go to village hall if you are unable to remain in your home

After flooding

EFAG will support households affected and coordinate volunteers to assist.

Volunteers are invaluable for supporting the clear up required.


We are always looking for volunteers who can be called on in a crisis. If you would like to volunteer, please contact either Owen or Holly.


Check for river levels and flood warnings. The government issue regular flood warnings and details about river levels.

Check the current and forecast levels for the River Leam at Eathorpe here.

You can also check the Met Office weather map for indications of forthcoming heavy rain.

There is lots of advice about dealing with flooding on the Government website:

How to plan ahead for flooding

What to do in a flood

How to recover after a flood

What happens after a flood?

The people at Gocompare have put together a helpful guide to preparing for a flood and protecting your property