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Saving The Plough – More Than A Pub

The Plough Supporters Steering Group needs you to help us move forward on saving The Plough at Eathorpe for the benefit of the community. Our ultimate aim is to provide a hub where villagers in the area can meet, socialise and generally re-establish what was a fundamental part of rural life. We hope to be able to offer more than a pub, including (for example) a small shop and a cafe which could also attract commuters and tourists using The Fosse.

The next stage for us is to prepare a business plan to help us gain the funding we will need. We need to get a clearerunderstanding from you about the level of support we could hope for and what you might want from having a community pub, in the neighbourhood.

We have drawn up a very short survey which we hope you will complete for us. To complete the survey, just go to the following link:

Before we go, can we leave you with a couple of thoughts?

…did you know that having a pub in your village can increase house prices by up to 20%?

…did you know that having a pub in your village has health benefits? Even regular short walks from your house to the pub offer a small way to getting some exercise!

…did you know that The Three Horseshoes at Princethorpe is currently up for sale so its future too is uncertain? The number of pubs locally is in steep decline.

Save The Plough at Eathorpe

The Plough, Eathorpe’s public house, is under threat!

The current owner has applied to Warwick DC Planning Department to change the use of The Plough to residential. If he succeeds, this will mean that a past and, potentially, future centre of our village life will be lost for ever. A group of us in the village have committed to do everything we can to stop this from happening. We will, of course, be delighted if you feel able to join in with our campaign.

In its heyday, not so long ago, The Plough was the centre of village life. I remember vividly one Christmas doing a carol singing circuit of the village and ending up there, where the singing continued in a large bar with roaring fire etc. Even under its most recent landlords (who were very much novice publicans), they ran ‘Fish Nights’ and ‘Curry Nights’ which were packed with villagers enjoying the chance not to have to cook. When the present owner bought the pub, he told us on several occasions that he was aiming to reopen it as a pub/restaurant. We do not have too much choice locally, with pubs at Weston and Marton having moved on to other things. We are convinced that The Plough could be run as a very successful business and could once again be a village centre. But, if we want that, we are going to have to fight for it.

The planning application can be seen on the Warwick DC web site at

You will see that many people have already lodged objections to it. If you wish to object also, the form is on the site, and it’s very easy to do.

We think the main reason for objections lies in the 2017 Warwickshire Local Plan ( Section HS8 of this plan has this to say:

HS8 Protecting Community Facilities

Redevelopment or change of use of community facilities that serve local needs will only be permitted where it can be demonstrated that:

a) There are similar facilities accessible to the local community by means other than the car, and


b) The facility is redundant and no other user is willing to acquire and manage it, or;

c) There is an assessment demonstrating a lack of need for the facility within the local community.

The owner of The Plough is arguing that item b) applies. His argument is that the pub was run down when he bought it (for a low price – less than £300K) and that he has tried to sell it for over a year. In fact, although it has technically been on sale, the guide price has been set at £800K. It doesn’t take much thought to see the game being played here. If you set too high a price on something, of course nobody will want to buy it! As a comparison, the Buck and Bell in Long Itchington was recently sold for under £500K. This was both a fully fitted and a much larger pub. It’s clear that the current owner of The Plough is over-pricing his property. Why, we wonder?

We should also be concerned about what might happen next in the event that this change of use is approved. One of the likely planning conditions will be that the current car park be redesigned as a garden. Two planning applications have already been rejected which would have built new houses on the car park, and the rejection has been bound up with the fact that a pub needs a car park. But if it’s not a pub…? And if new houses are built on the current car park, then the field next to that becomes potentially just infill – thus more houses. The ultimate prize here for developers is the big potential infill area in Eathorpe village – the central field. I don’t want to be too pessimistic but we could be at the start of a domino cascade, with the end product a TOTALLY different village from that we moved to.

If you want to join the campaign, we have a Facebook group – Save The Plough Eathorpe and a Twitter hashtag #saveplougheathorpe

Andrean Lazarov Recitals in Eathorpe: 25/26th March 2017

Andrean is coming back with two concerts:

CONCERTO MINUS ONE – 8.00 p.m. Saturday, 25th March

FAIRY TALE HEROES     – 4.00 p. m. Sunday, 26th March

Haydn, Beethoven, Liszt, Saint-Saens, Gershwin, Rachmininoff, Rimsky-Korsakov, Tchaikovsky, Prokofiev, Menken and Rebikov all feature.

Andrean is our hero who has played with the London Symphony Orchestra, Russian National Orchestra, Philharmonia Orchestra, etc. etc, and will be going on to play at Carnegie Hall later this year.   But first, he’s coming to play for us in Eathorpe Village Hall!

Tickets:  £14 / £12.50 (o-65s, full-time students)

Price includes drink and canapés after each concert when Andrean is happy to have an informal chat with the audience as usual.

Ring:  Sue – 01926 811364 or Maggy – 632564 or Joan – 633430

Eathorpe Beer Festival, February 17-19 2017

Building on our success in the past few years, once more you’ll be able to taste a range of fresh and interesting beers in the delightful surroundings of Eathorpe Village Hall.  This year the beer will come from one of the traditional centres of English beer – Burton-on-Trent and nearby South Derbyshire.  Once the home of Bass and other big names this area now hosts a vibrant collection of small breweries that have sprung up in recent years.

As in previous years, the beer will be chosen by an intrepid party of experienced tasters, ready to put their palates and livers at the service of the Eathorpe community and their guests. As usual we’ll have a good range of wine, soft drink and food available and we continue to welcome families. We are still putting together the entertainment programme but we hope once again to have a lively band after 9pm on Saturday night, alongside calmer acoustic music and old favourites, like (we hope) the Coventry Mummers, at other times.

The event will be open 5.30-11.00 on Friday and 1pm to 11.00 on Saturday.   On Sunday lunchtime, we plan to be offering bargain prices on whatever we have left. Entry will be free to all sessions.  Bring your family and friends to make a weekend of it.

All offers of help welcome –  from potential performers keen to show off their talents to our friendly audience as well as from those eager to get behind the bar or assist in other ways.  Just phone David Wray on 632830 or Maggy Smith on 632564.

Free Property Marking by Warwickshire Police


Offchurch, Hunningham, Eathorpe & Wappenbury

Tuesday 6th September 2016, 5pm – 9pm

Wednesday 7th September 2016, 5pm – 9pm

This free property marking offer is available to residents and businesses

in the above mentioned joint parish area. Warwick Rural East Safer

Neighbourhood Team and a representative from Warwickshire Rural

Watch shall be conducting a mobile property marking event in your area.

We’ll attend your home address, provide you with relevant crime

prevention material and visibly mark up to 10 items for free. Property will

be marked with Cre-Mark. Leather tack can be stamped.

Please ensure that there is a clean surface on any items that you would

like to be marked. Items will be marked with either your house number or

the initials of your house name and your postcode.

If you would like your lawn-mower, strimmer, power tools etc, to be visibly

property/tack marked, please call PCSO 6223 Ed King on 01926 684471 to

book a time-slot for us to attend your property.

Warwick Rural East SNT – 01926 684471 –

The Austerity Games – 4pm Sunday 31 July 2016 at The Village Hall

Tell Tale Present — “The Austerity Games”


4pm at The Village Hall for Afternoon Tea
5pm Performance (75 minutes)
Tickets £10/£6   07890 755 116

‘Uplifting drama of Post War UK with an important messages about community spirit… Beautifully Scripted… It is not surprising that this is an award-winning show’ (Stratford Herald)
Beleaguered Britain is recovering from the Blitz, austerity measures are in full force across the country and there is a heat wave on the way. But old Martha Britt wants to bake a cake and there are no eggs to be found. To make matters worse it is the eve of the 1948 Olympic Games and she cannot abide sport. Can a posthumous visit from her late husband and the ghosts of the games past, present and yet to come convince her to save the Olympic spirit and herself?

Tell Tale blend an Award Winning triathlon of physical storytelling, British wit and slapstick with a dash of Dickens to bring you the sportiest play you’ll ever see. Pip, Pip!

Stratford Fringe Winner 2012 – ‘Best new writing’

Village History and Photo Exhibition pages added!

Click on History in the Eathorpe Village drop-down menu above to see hundreds of photos from the original Eathorpe website (c 2000), and the 1955 village scrapbook.  Well worth a look!

AIre Flamenco – Eathorpe Village Hall – 8 April 2016 8 pm – musical passion and drama




PLAYING LIVE at Eathorpe Village Hall (CV33 9DE)

Wednesday 20 April 8pm

£9.50 (Adults purchased by 13/4); £8.50 (65+ or U-18 purchased by 13/4)

£11 (Adults purchased after 13/4); £10 (65+ or U-18 purchased after13/4)

Tickets available from 01926 632027; 01926 632664;

Licensed bar open from 7.30pm/light snacks available to purchase at interval

Listen to samples at

Aire Flamenco, presented by Synergy is a vibrant guitar and voice duo from Spain.

 They bring the passion and drama of Flamenco to their mixture of Latin based songs and instrumentals,

while their music combines original compositions influenced by their stay in the UK with traditional material from Spain and South America.

Synergy’s alluring vocals produce the most natural and close of harmonies. Their guitar playing is fiery and complex and features awesome traditional flamenco pieces and exotic driving accompaniment. The highly rhythmical style employed, moves from irresistible South American Rumbas and Tangos to complex Andalusian tempos.

 Juan Casals Mendoza hails from Granada where he has taken lessons from some of the very greatest Flamenco tutors. He is not only a wonderful guitarist but is also an accomplished vocalist and composer.

Glenn Phillips, the lead singer, was raised in Alicante but shares roots with the UK. His songs are composed in both Spanish and English; his voice is both powerful but sweet. Glenn also plays the Cajon (a Peruvian percussion instrument) which brings a more energized dynamic to Synergy’s music.

Their live show is presented with upbeat humour and anecdotal song introductions. Juan and Glenn’s energy is contagious and they are always accommodating and accessible with their audiences.


Andrean Lazarov Piano Concert 19th/20th March 2016

andrean lazarov eathorpe 2016 (2)

Two unique opportunities to see a distinguished classical pianist direct from some of the world’s greatest concert halls in an intimate village setting


andrean lazarov eathorpe 2016 (2)-1


Andrean’s 2016 concerts


Concert I – “300 years contemporary piano” – Saturday, 19th March 8.00 p.m.

part 1 – Viennese classicism 


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756 – 1791)

Fantasie in D minor K. 397


Franz Joseph Haydn (1732 – 1809) Sonata Hob. XVI:52 E-flat major

I movement – Allegro

II movement – Adagio

III movement – Finale. Presto


Ludwig van Beethoven (1770 – 1827) Piano Sonata No. 31 in A-flat major, Op. 110

I movement Moderato cantabile molto espressivo

II movement Allegro molto

III movement Adagio ma non troppo


* intermission*


Part II “20th century classicism”


Serguey Prokofiev  (1891 – 1953)

Piano Sonata in A minor op. 28


Rodion Shchedrin (1932 – )

“In the style of Albeniz”


Sergey Rachmaninoff (1873 – 1943)

Prelude and Elegy op. 3


Andrean Lazarov (1980)


Awarded at Carl Filtsch International piano composition competition, Sibiu, Romania 2004


Concert II – “Top 20 piano encores”


Allesandro Marcello (1673 – 1747)

“Adagio” from Oboe concerto

Arrangement for piano solo – J.S.Bach


Robert Schumann (1810 – 1856)



Frantz Liszt (1811 – 1886)



Frederick Chopin (1810 – 1849)

Etude op. 25 No. 1

Etude op. 10 No. 12


Sergey Rachmaninoff (1873 – 1943)

Prelude and Elegy op. 3


Maurice Ravel (1875 – 1937)

Pavana pour une infante defunte


Alexander Scriabin (1872 – 1915)

Etudes op. 8 No.2 & 12


* intermission *


Tomaso Albinoni (1671 – 1751)


Arrangement for piano solo – A.Lazarov


Sergey Rachmaninoff (1873 – 1943)

“Musical moments” op. 16 No. 1 & 4


Piotr Ilich Tchaikovsky (1840 – 1893)

The Seasons – “May – White nights”


Rodion Shchedrin (1932 – )

“In the style of Albeniz”


Serguey Prokofiev (1891 – 1953)

“The movement diaboligue”


Sergey Rachmaninoff (1873 – 1943)

Etude-tableaux “The march of the war” op. 39