Twelfth Night Beer Festival will be repeated in 2012

Here’s the list of most of the beers and cider quaffed in 2011:

‘Let Battle Commence’    Battlefield Brewery            3.8%    easy-going amber session ale

‘Rodger The Goblin’          Tunnel Brewery                   4.0%    malty English bitter

‘Stout Coffin’                     Church End Brewery          4.6%    dark chocolatey stout

‘Black Ice’                           Titanic Brewery                   4.1%    warming and well-hopped balance

‘Thermal Cheer’                Isle of Purbeck Brewery   4.8%     mahogany Red Ale, nice hop finish

‘Nettle Thrasher’               Elland Brewery                    4.4%    amber ale, nutty & fruity, dry finish

‘Dark Raven’                      Beowulf Brewery                4.5%    apple & bonfire aroma, bitter finish

‘Submission’                       Peakstones Brewery          5.0%    bitter, spicy with blackcurrants

‘Nemesis                             Peakstones Brewery          3.8%    pale brown ale and gentle hops

Hecks’ Single variety Farmhouse Medium Cider        6.0%    also a variety of bottled cider

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